The Ukiyoe CMS


The current versions of ukiyoe and maiko are 1.618033 and 1, respectively. This package contains the framework plus the entire documentation (last updated 02 jan 2019).

To update an existing installation only,, and, if necessary, are needed. A small update script is provided to check for updates of and

yokan is a collection of unsupported supplementary templates (last updated 09 feb 2016). These include the enhanced image gallery "portfolio" and a web interface for remote editing.

code (version) md5sum (current) a8887158c84ecf69fda0e210d33c023d (1.618033) 6251ff4767c56d70a810a1f578ecd133 (1) 523409a8f54a9ba0de720c7520d72f61 (0.12.16) aaf05799fa6b75b6229341e4c4f22243 (current) 22ca82ba7590a8f791b9d38001310e56 (0.20) 610ced35ca0830ed656c75cc47566ae8



Updated ukiyoe to version 1.618033.

Updated to version 0.12.16 for both ukiyoe and maiko.

Updated documentation pertaining to systemd.

Various updates to the uploading subsystem.


Updated bottle to version 0.12.13. Ukiyoe 1.61803 has been tested against that version, but otherwise remains unchanged from 1.6180.


Updated bottle to version 0.12.11. Ukiyoe 1.6180 has been tested against that version, but otherwise remains unchanged from 1.618.


Updated to version 0.20, which in addition to can update (plus some other bug fixes).


Updated ukiyoe to version 1.618 to make sure that some key paths are normalized, and tweaked the indexing scope. Also updated a comment with the correct software download URL.

Updated to version 0.12.10 for both ukiyoe and maiko.

New version (0.11) of makes viewing the code differences optional, plus some wording changes. It will also attempt to update if not run as root (but success will depend on permissions, so being root is still recommended).


Updated ukiyoe to version 1.61. A bug whereby multiple articles (i.e. more than one .uki file) would cause a 500 error on a non-rendering file download was fixed. Additionally some messages were re-written for clarity and error notifications were promoted to print regardless of the DEBUG setting. Finally, copyright information has been updated for 2017 (in maiko too).

An ukiyoe updater zsh script is now available ( This required a small update to which has no impact on functionality.


Updated ukiyoe to version 1.6, fixing a unicode bug when DEEP debugging was enabled.

Setting CONFIG['server'] is now strongly suggested.

Updated to version 0.12.9 in the zip file (oops!)

Re-wrote Apache configuration section in the tutorial.


Updated to version 0.12.9.

Copyright information updated to 2016.

Fixed comment in upload.uki.

Fixed software download link in maiko tutorial.

Added new showcase.tpl web gallery (yokan).

A sample gallery using "showcase" can be found at


Static sorting can now be enforced in portfolio.tpl (yokan).


Typo fix in upload.uki.

Major revamp of edit.tpl (yokan):

Enhancements and a minor bugfixes of portfolio.tpl (yokan):


A couple of minor enhancements applied to portfolio.tpl (yokan):


Various enhancements to portfolio.tpl (yokan). Of note:

A sample gallery using "portfolio" can be found at


Added a debug mode to template upload.tpl.

Minor documentation fixes.


Minor documentation fixes and improvements.


Minor documentation improvements to the section regarding MathJax.


Minor documentation improvements to the section regarding file uploads.

Fixed a bug in upload.tpl to properly set the upload path for authenticated users when per-user directories are not enabled.

edit.tpl now shows the editor's IP address plus other small interface improvements. The file manager is now restricted to showing files only (yokan).


Made some clarifications in the ukiyoe tutorial.


Enhanced edit.tpl and its documentation (yokan).


Clarified some ukiyoe documentation pertaining to indexing.

Removed some cruft from portfolio.tpl in yokan.


Fixed a glitch in whereby filename extensions were appended as opposed to replaced. Also added some code in order to avoid user input from matching the metadata headers when displaying.


Updated the script and corresponding documentation regarding the addition of the L flag.